“Korea Cartoon Character ”


Pororo and his friends live in the white island Do you like to spend your time by watching Pororo? Basically, this is like other animation TV series. It can give a good entertainment, especially for kids. As we know, that parent should be careful in choosing the program to watch by kids. This animation series talks about the life in the white island which is covered by snow and ice. In this island, Pororo and his friends can live well. They have some activities that humans commonly do such as playing, cooking, sleeping and more. Petty and Eddy are his friends. Similar to the common kids in the world, sometime they have a bad relatioship because of the mistake of someone. Fortunately, everything always ends well. Of course, they all become good friends and love each other. If you want to take value from the TV series, you can choose this program for your kids. This program becomes favorite program.


The popularity of Pucca Mickey mouse and Hello kitty become some of the popular cartoons in the world. Unfortunately, kids in this modern era might not know who Pucca is. She is a girl aged 11. This popularity of Pucca adds the list of animation series. In fact, this animation series is more popular in the word than its country, Korea. She can attract people over than 150 countries worldwide. She has an image that is more dominant than his loved one. This series produced 466 million US dollar. The popularity of this animation series increased when Hollywood actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow came to the Pucca launching in US. Believe it or not, Pucca is more popular compared to Mickey Mouse and Hello kitty. It proves that People in South America like to watch Pucca. Do you want to re-watch this animation series? If you have DVD collection, sure, you can watch it and find the reason why it is more popular than Hello Kitty.


Two main characters in Larva series Due to your loved kid loves to watch Larva, I am sure that he or she knows the main character in this cartoon. This cartoon shows two larvae as its main characters. Yellow larvae are always abused by the red one. Although he usually obeys Red larvae, he commonly loses his mind when find the food. A red larva is another main character in this computer-animated comedy television series. Do you know? His specialty is shouting and kicking like Bruce Lee. Unlike the yellow one, the larvae always show offs. Unfortunately, he often ends up hurting himself. ' There are some minor characteristics such as the blue, navy, and green larvae. Frog is another minor character, which always appears in the sewer. For some, this comedy series is good to choose as entertainment choice. Then, they will laugh together with loved family during watching Larva. If you never watch it previously, why not watch it online now?


Bernard Bear Parents have the worry when they cannot create a quality moment with their children. Leaving children at home does not mean you cannot give a good entertainment to them. There are many animation products that are made special for kids. In fact, some adults also like to watch animation series. When talking about Bernard, your child will be excited to talk it more. Finally, he or she will ask you to turn on TV and choose TV channel which broadcasts this series. For information, this animation series is produced by RG Animated Studios, South Korean Company and other company from the different country. Bernard is a polar bar that never has a lucky. Fortunately, he never gives up trying more and more. This short series is able to entertain kids. As we know that kids like animation. If you now have the difficulty to find this series on TV, instead, you can access an internet for streaming or downloading.